Preparing tomorrow’s workplace today

Workplace cultures are rapidly changing with the new age of ever changing priorities and adjustments. What remains to be thought out meticulously is whether the departments of human resources are getting enlightened with this changing cultures.
Sizeable number of institutions …
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The India I grew up to believe in

I belong to the 1990 generation which jump started the Indian economy from the depths of despair to the heights of hope. The India that was born in 1947 and the decades that led to what it is today cannot

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The inherent need to create social wealth

Every generation has its own defining moments and every individual has his own perceptions, interpretations and dogmas which he eventually evolves for the kind of circumstances he is faced with. Not long ago, before the explosion of social media, and …

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Why Vatican III must happen soon

The initial days of the thundering Francis pontificate had captivated the world. It not only energized Christians but it also caught the attention of non- Christians. The journey hasn’t been easy with the fast changing demands the digital age calls …

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