Astrology is fake and you must know it

“I have 3 years to live.” said a friend who was closing in towards the sunset of his life. Well this was estimated to him by a popular astrologer who many resourceful idiots believed in. it is 11 years now, he still hasn’t died. But that is not what surprises me, being educated, having understood life in all its fullness and being knowledgeable, the educated elite continue to believe in this artful crap.

Another doctor once crossed my path and wanted to make a purchase, but his astrologer said that the purchase may not be ideal as some things don’t match. So the doctor declined from making the purchase. Another friend, rebelled against the astrologer, and got married to a dutch guy inspite of all warnings from the astrologer, she continues to live life happily ever after.

Common sense would suggest that when a person was born, the obstetrician along with the nursing assistant used more force including gravitational effect that goes along than any planet or star in the entire universe. The connection between these stars is light years away, and often arbitrary.

Astrology believes in the time of birth rather than the conception of birth. The birth of a child depends on the health of the mother, the wisdom of the obstetrician and the setting of the institute and not on planets, stars, moon and sun. astrology also doesn’t understand the difference between premature babies and normal timely ones. A thin layer of flesh and blood protects the baby in the uterus and not planetary forces which some educated minds tend to believe in.

If you want to understand more fiction, read the horoscope of the same zodiac signs in different newspapers for the same date and day and you will laugh your heart out. The astrologers have no idea of the idea of blackholes, galaxies and its connection with human beings in terms of forceful predictions.

The scientific community worldwide has found no evidence to support the purported effects outlined in astrology and superstition. The traditions were made in a climate when life evolved differently, yet people continue to remain guided by astrology and superstition, particularly in India and Nepal.

Astrology is aptly a pseudo-science which is used for confusing people, instilling fear in their minds, thus forcing them to believe in the possibility of what can happen and is a way to make money. Thinking minds often close themselves in dogmatic belief systems and superstitious practices trying to identify and connect life’s problems through those manufactured gimmicks.

Young India must not become self-deluded fools to endorse astrology and blind faith, rather be open to reasoning, rebellion and change which is rightly their own.

India is often drawing inspiration for good many things from the west, but they chose to remain blind –folded in tradition, in idolatry, in superstition, in religious fanaticism and an emotional bunch of people who fear how others may judge them.

The only mantra which has revolutionized human life on earth is science and science alone, not the so called pseudo-science and the manufactured engineering myths of astrology.

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