The butterfly generation in an age of confusion

Today is a generation where people are scared; they lack the power of instincts and the ability to discern and are often at best confused of what they want in life. Information overload, peer pressure and circumstances in life make them that way.

This generation finds it difficult to understand the meaning of dialogue, the meaning of adjustment, the meaning of reciprocal warmth, of forgiveness and benevolence. They are more e-connected and less emotionally connected. We end up building sky-scrapers but our minds get narrowed. We guide missiles and misguide men.

Increasing number of people no longer find meaning in religion. Well, thinking rightly humanity is the religion that exist, everything else are means to satisfy what makes us happy.


People turn to conman and godmen to discover themselves, find solace in listening to conversations which they relate to thinking they belong to that zone, when in fact the person they are is much greater than what they conceive themselves to be. Their own reality is who they are and what they can become with genuine conversations which heal the soul. But often a lot of times, people simply try to brush the other aside without wanting to converse anymore. This is a dangerous culture and a painful attitude. Every single human being is different on earth and similarities need to be built. It takes time, effort and hard-work in doing so. The butterfly generation wants everything like a starbucks coffee which is easily available and on demand. Life doesn’t work that way.

Life is simple, but it concerns a human dialogue in fulfillment, it revolves around the practice of forgiveness and unconditional acceptance. The youth today have conditional value systems and dogmas which add greater complexity in their own being.

The message I would like to give to the youth today is to make love your choice. To open up not only the mind, but also the soul. To understand and discover life in its true fullness and not be clouded by dogma. It takes a minute for a handshake; it takes a lifetime to secure that handshake. 

Life is never about finding the right person, the right space, the right time, reality is not that way. Life is all about discovering the journey. The path. Yes, the path. It comes with effort alone. 





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