Why American healthcare is in need of healing?

Today as the energies of a new world order step up to bring reforms by dividing people on earth, it is more important than ever to re-examine the need to heal the healthcare situation in the United States of America.

As I was flying into Washington DC from Frankfurt, I sensed the uneasiness which was continuing to grow upon me as the number of times I started to cough increased, my voice further troubled and I was certain I am almost on the verge of catching an upper respiratory tract infection.

After practicing my wait and watch approach two days into my stay at Washington DC, I realized it wasn’t getting any better. Approaching my local host, I enquired if I could buy some antibiotics in my individual capacity as a doctor of medicine. Unfortunately, I was told I might need to go to an Urgent Care Center or an ER to get myself treated and even if I do have insurance, I would have to shell out 100 dollars which in an Indian equivalent could buy me a flight travel from Mangalore to New Delhi in off season timing. It struck me as to what sort of a health system has the American Empire created where for a primary care need, I was being guided to an emergency room corridor. This is a curious case of hyper-regulation to prevent antibiotic misuse. But I wish to view it as an error in excess which needs amends.

It is important and necessary that the US Government seriously changes the approach to its healthcare. The politicking between the democrats and the republicans over Obamacare is an entirely different story, but having said that, the US Life expectancy is slipping further low when compared to other high income nations.

It is that time of the day when US elections are won and lost over healthcare mandates and knowledge building among the youth, failing which the future can be very risky for Americans. As per the estimates provided by OECD, US life expectancy is 78.7 years as on 2015 and it fairs poorly when compared to Japan, Spain, Italy and Switzerland as well.


The homeless problem is growing, un-employment is rising, opiod crisis and obesity continues to consume young Americans, gun violence threatens lives like never before and the American GDP isn’t the best it should be. This is creating inequity in social determinants of health which will continue to cultivate an inequitable positioning. In 2016, CDC points out that, deaths due to opiod overdose stood at 63,600 and the numbers have tripled in terms of the age adjusted rate of drug-overdose from 1999 to 2016.

The US in their overall performance for health ranked last when indicator variables like healthcare outcomes, equity, access to care, administrative efficiency were accessed and reported by the Commonwealth Fund. Interestingly, the US spends more money on healthcare when compared to other high income countries.

What can be done to heal the ailing health system?

US Government must invest in Primary Health Care system of medicine. More people die of common diseases, commonly. Investing to prevent the same can be a great idea than investing to build a wall.

The culture of fast food and the culture of smoke and clubbing must be discouraged and parental discretion and wisdom reigns supreme. The same time must be utilized to enjoy the great outdoors which nature has gifted the land.

Americans must invest in their families. Rather than sending their children away as they become teenagers, it is more meaningful to stay together and foster family bonding which is essentially absent, which is an direct cause for mental health illness. The burden of family separation, the dwindling institution of marriage, the new age philosophy will have its toll on citizens, not today, not some years from now, but decades from now, when the same will be irreversible.

These are basic primary solutions not amounting to radical changes or rocket sciences. Much of this is possible by self-realization and competent governance.

Lastly in conclusion, the American dream can be revived, the empire in decline can certainly be halted, but bold decisions, beyond rhetoric and divisive campaigns must see the light of day. The power to bring this change lies in the hands of the average, hard-working American.

Long live the Star-Spangled Banner.


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One comment on “Why American healthcare is in need of healing?
  1. Dear Edmond

    Excellent article. I commend you for everything I do. But let us keep our own house in order before we tell others what to do. India and Indian leaders like you must see what you can do to India first.

    India is growing at a rapid rate and economy is thriving but sadly many rich Indians do not pay the tax (not all by any means), there is huge corruption and many Indians think of themselves and their families and their friends. The division between South and North Indians is huge.

    The traditional Indian values of honesty, sincerity, and family values are being eroded. People are becoming more and more greedy. Many private hospitals (not all) making money and caring for shareholders than doing the right thing for patients.

    As you rightly say in your final sentence, it is in the hands of every Indian that too educated Indian to change India.

    I did not want to leave India but in 1980s, I did not get my MD seat because of reservation and caste system! I came to UK and had an amazing career in UK and now helping India and UK. India taught me my values and gave me free education but did not give me my MD seat in spite of my distinction and merit!

    UK and NHS embraced me and made me who I am today and have worked for 36 years and done various leadership positions without any influence and only on merit and now helping India and UK and NHS by recruiting doctors from India but only for them to come and help NHS, see the way NHS works and take it back with them to serve India.

    Being a good doctor is simply about serving people being true to your values. India must also look after its doctors well and make sure they get a decent salary and also have the facility to provide good care in every village and every hospital. This doesn’t mean having high tech hospitals everywhere but making sure there is decent basic healthcare provision for all

    Life is all about caring for the sickest, vulnerable and poor people of our society and that is what true leadership is all about.

    You are doing a great job and India needs more good doctors and good leaders like you. Hopefully, I will continue to help India, UK and NHS and we can all do our little bit to change the world.

    Gandhi said ‘Gently we can shake the World

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